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Subject:Blue and white vase.
Posted By: Mingblue Wed, Jul 10, 2019 IP:

Is this from the Yuan Dynasty? Thank you,

Subject:Re: Blue and white vase.
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Jul 10, 2019

In my opinion, your vase isn't yuan, and most likely is 20th century or later. Your vase has no visible signs of actual age except almost brand new. The white residue suggests a rinsing in starch-laden water that had been used to boil rice, an often used technique to make buyers think such a piece has some age.

The embedded link shows a previous thread that discusses the same subject and a picture of an imitation Yuan vase of mine. I also include pasted links for several imitation yuan vases from online auctions. Those nearest the bottom are annotated to show how a handful, despite being described as Yuan or Ming "style", still attracted buyers. Where Chinese characters appear, the term 仿 (fang - "imitation") was used, which I think paints a clearer image of the product for Chinese bidders.

(no competitive bidding)

('Yuan style' Imitation, sold for decorative price CAD110/USD84)

('Yuan or Ming style' Imitation)

(Described as probably Yuan)

(Similar to preceding described as 20th C)

Best regards,

Bill H.

URL Title :Imitation Yuan Vases

Subject:Re: Blue and white vase.
Posted By: Mingblue Thu, Jul 11, 2019

Bill, your detailed explanation and reply are very much appreciated. Thanks, again. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |