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Subject:2 Small Odd Vases - Perhaps some more info?
Posted By: Simon Mon, Jul 01, 2019 IP: 2a00:23c5:3d4e:bd01:

I was wondering if someone here might have any idea about these vases.

They are both rather small, no more than about 20cm height.

The brown one looks at first like cut out of wood but it is rather heavy and has a solid feel, almost like stone and doesn't feel like wood at all. There is a small secton where the carving has chipped off. It was difficult to photograph this one as it is really quite a bit darker than seen here. Its a very dark brown with butterflies, birds and leaves in shades of dark red.

The red one is same size but with a much more delicate feel. It appears that some of the painted artwork has won off. Once can just vaguely make out the faces of two monks.

Neither have any text-based marks.

Any aditional info would be most interesting, such as their possible origin (Japan or China?) and perhaps the meaning of their decoration and possibly their age.

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