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  • scroll This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Orban Jozsef - Jul 01, 2019 (02:01 PM)
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Posted By: Orban Jozsef Mon, Jul 01, 2019 IP: 2a02:2f0e:db10:bd00:

Please help with artist name

Link :Jozsef

Subject:Re: scroll
Posted By: rat Tue, Jul 02, 2019

Wang Qingshan 王青山 (the given name probably an art name). The inscription is a lunar calendar year equivalent to 2003

Subject:Re: scroll
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Jul 02, 2019

百壽圖 - Baishoutu - Picture of Hundred Long Life Characters
癸未年 - Year of Water-Sheep (...2003)
王青山 - Wang Qingshan

Wang Qingshan, calligrapher
Born in 1949 in Qingdao, Shandong province
Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Chinese Painting and Calligraphic Art Committee
etc. His calligraphic works have been exhibited and collected in Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao, US, etc.

Maradva tisztelettel,

Subject:Re: scroll
Posted By: Orban Jozsef Tue, Jul 02, 2019

Köszönöm szépen.
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