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Subject:Help identify the role of kabuki actors
Posted By: Boyko Skole Fri, Jun 14, 2019 IP:

Dear members forum

Help find out what role here plays
actor Ichikawa Omezф І in 1789–1824s
This is a daimyo or samurai with a sword?
This may be part of the diptych or triptych?
Signature: Toyokuni ga (豊国画)
Actor Ichikawa Omezф І (1781-1833) 市川 男女蔵[1] also known as Ichikawa Benzф II (1824–1833) and Ichikawa Bennosuke (1784–1789)

Dear connoisseurs of the Japanese ukio-e
Help me identify the actor from the Shunko Katsukawa woodblock print
Signature (勝川 春好 画) Katsukawa Shunko ga
The work was performed in the 1780s
Actor Riko Nakamura in women's roles also have a similar symbol on clothing with crossed branches of pine [?]
Is it possible part of a diptych or triptych?
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