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Subject:enamel porcelain vase
Posted By: david Wed, Jun 05, 2019 IP: 2607:fea8:1c1f:f90f:

Can anyone identify the mark on this gorgeous 10 1/2" vase and project an approx. date on it? Thank you! David.

Subject:Re: enamel porcelain vase
Posted By: Martin Michels Fri, Jun 07, 2019

This is Arita ware with the logo of the Seiji Kaisha Company (Pure Water Company).

In 1879 Tezuka Kamenosuke, Tsuji Katsuzo, Takeji Fukaumi and his brother Suminosuke Fukaumi left the Koransha Company - where they were the partners of Eizaemon Fukagawa - and joined the Tokyo potter Kawahara Chujiro to start the Seiji Kaisha Company.
The Seiji Kaisha must not to be confused with the Fukagawa Seiji Company of Chuji Fukagawa, founded in the same year 1879.
Most pieces produced by the Seiji Kaisha were made for exporting.
Following the deaths of Kawahara and Tezuka in 1888 and 1889, and the inability to find people who could operate the new machines needed to modernize their production methods, the Seiji Kaisha Company closed in 1890.
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