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Subject:Japanese Fukusa
Posted By: Cameron Sarradet Sun, Mar 10, 2019 IP: 2606:6000:6084:7b00:

Looking to hopefully identify this Fukusa and find out more information about its origins? Recently came into my possession, it’s not in great shape and I can’t seem to find anything online with this specific design on it.

Subject:Re: Japanese Fukusa
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Mar 11, 2019

Whatever else it is, it certainly looks worthy of wrapping a senior citizen's birthday gift. The motif is dominated by two longevity icons, the crane (tsuru) and the turtle (minogame), with a train of seaweed extending from its tail. Within their embrace, apparently the "Three Friends of Winter", with the pine (matsu) being an icon of long life and youthful vitality, the flowering plum (ume or bai) representing persistence in the face of hardship, and bamboo (I think in the shade of the pine) signifying resilience under stress.

I'm confident the Japanese experts will make all needed corrections and additions.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Japanese Fukusa
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Mar 13, 2019

FYI, there's also a Japanese fairy tale which, in some versions, links the Minogame and Crane in a manner that you may find interesting in the context of your fukusa. It is the story of fisherman Urashima Taro, of which tale you'll find a brief summary at the below link to


Bill H.

URL Title :Urashima Taro

Subject:Re: Japanese Fukusa
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Mar 11, 2019

Fukusa 袱紗 is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth of silk or crepe used to wrap gifts or other goods. Your fukusa is embroidered with pine, bamboo, plum, crane and turtle - the symbols of longevity and purity, means that it was used to wrap gift probably for wedding ceremony.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Japanese Fukusa
Posted By: Roger Yorke Thu, Mar 14, 2019

This fukusa would date from 1750-1850, likely as part of a wedding gift, as the auspicious motifs represent long life, good fortune, the image set often associated with marriage

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