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Subject:Japanese Bronze Plate - Makers Mark Identification
Posted By: Benjamin Alder-Rose Thu, Feb 14, 2019 IP:

Hey All,

I purchased this plate in a small shop in the north of England. It came with the following information:

"Fine Japanese Bronze Plate with Craftman's Signature [circa 1890] - Meiji Period".

I would like some help identifying the makers mark and learning whether it's truly from the Meiji Period.

The maker's mark looks very similar to that of Yoshida of Kyoto but it's not as defined as the other examples I've seen . . . Does that mean it might be fake?

I don't know much about Japanese metal work or the process so any information would be greatly appreciated!

The link I have attached contains images that may be clicked on for full resolution examination (Front, Back & Maker's Mark).

More Pictures:

Link :More Pictures

Subject:Re: Japanese Bronze Plate - Makers Mark Identification
Posted By: Mark Adams Fri, Feb 15, 2019

I have no issue with said item dating to late Meiji period.
Sorry unable to read said mark.
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