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Subject:Chinese Scroll #2
Posted By: Fujin Thu, Jan 24, 2019 IP: 2a00:23c5:5c0d:9700:

I have not been too successful with this one...

All I can figure out is 丙戌 - Yang Fire Dog (1946...2006?)

There is a handwritten panel on the reverse of the scroll.

If anyone can decipher anything else, or the red seal marks, your assistance will be much appreciated!!

Subject:Re: Chinese Scroll #2
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jan 27, 2019

天香 - Celestial fragrance
丙戌 - Year of Fire-Dog (2006)
劉淑蘭 畫 - Picture of Liu Shulan
劉氏 - Mater Liu
淑蘭 - Shulan
Leisure seal,
長樂 - Endless Happiness

Back side,
中国画 遼寧省撫順二十五中枢医退休
劉淑謹大姐啓上 - Chinese Picture, From Your Respectful Elder Sister Liu Shu, Liaoning Province, Fushun (City) No.25 Central Hospital Retired Physician、
雅正 - While asking you to kindly point out my inadequacies
将 富貴天香牡丹 敬贈
With compliments I send it to
Feng Donglan
祝全家 幸福 安永 - Wishing happiness and long lasting peace to your family.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Chinese Scroll #2
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jan 27, 2019

With compliments I send " Peonies with noble celestial fragrance" to Feng Donglan

Subject:Re: Chinese Scroll #2
Posted By: Fujin Mon, Jan 28, 2019

Dear I. Nagy,

Thank you so much for your help with both of these paintings, I am so glad to finally know a little more about them!

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