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Subject:Identify Characters on a calligraphy & with painting
Posted By: Miano Fri, Jan 18, 2019 IP:

Hello Friends,

I would like to identify the artist and/or period.

It is a scroll, ink and color on paper, with calligraphy & a painting completed with 3 seals. Would you be in a position to translate the characters/seals, advise any artist who this work maybe attributed to and the period(60 year cycle)?

Kind regards,


Subject:Re: Identify Characters on a calligraphy & with painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jan 20, 2019

Clouds disperse, far away the blue peaks rise one upon another
The rain is over and the half of the valley turns red with fallen leaves
詩于廬山 - Poem at Lushan
独山人  - Dushan-ren -(Lonely hermit) -Pesudonym
独山人印 - Seal of Dushan-ren
位田独山人 - Weitian Dushan-ren (Lonely hermit of Weitian) - Another pseudonym
Leisure seal,
守中 -  Between heaven and earth

I could not find any clue to the artist.

With regards,
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