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Subject:Prints I own
Posted By: Patricia Ochsner Tue, Nov 13, 2018 IP: 2605:6000:1703:26:44

I have two prints I inherited. would like to know who the artist is, the title of the pieces, and what if any value they are.


Subject:Re: Prints I own
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Nov 14, 2018

Painted by Gumin Jiang Yizi in Taichung as visitor

Jiang Yizi 江逸子 1938-
Fujiang born painter. Moved to Taiwan in 1949. Studied painting from Li Bingnan, Lu Foting etc.
Gumin is his pseudonym.

Pic. 2,
齊耀 - Qiyao / Tyrus Wong

Huang Qiyao 黄齊耀 a.k.a. Tyrus Wong 1910-2016
Chinese born American painter,
Further info. on Google

With regards,
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