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Subject:Japanese painting
Posted By: Silvien Fri, Nov 02, 2018 IP: 2001:1c02:3304:e400:


I,m looking for information about which landscape,artist and era this Painting is.

Looks to be the Japanese mount Fuji.

Thank you

Subject:Re: Japanese painting
Posted By: David Thu, Nov 08, 2018

Hello Silvien.
If this is Mount Fuji it is a poorish representation. For me it doesn't look like Fuji at all. The general composistion of your artwork and the framing suggest a new piece probably made in China. Best wishes. D

Subject:Re: Japanese painting
Posted By: Silvien Fri, Nov 09, 2018

Thank you for your reply David,

I was guessing it was Fuji but it could be a other mountain aswell in a other Asian area.
I Know it is not a new made Chinese painting Because it is in family possession for around 80-90 years.

Kind regards,
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