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Subject:Help with archaic Chinese ding
Posted By: Brett Sat, Jul 28, 2018 IP:

I am not sure if this is called a 4 legged Ding, but I saw one like it called such on Christie's. I know little about these, but have had quite a few reproductions over the years. This one is different. It seems like if it is a reproductions than maybe it is an earlier one than the typical mid century reproductions. Or, more thought was put into this reproduction. The verdigris (green patina) is real and not painted on. I am wondering a few things about this.

#1 what does the mark say?

#2 it has what looks like gold (spots) in certain spots, why and what is this?

I assume this is a reproduction, and it was probably buried for period of time to get an authentic looking patina on it. It also looks like it was repaired at some point in its life. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on when it is actually from? Thanks for any help | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |