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Subject:Japanese woodblock. Artist & subject?
Posted By: Vicky Tue, May 08, 2018 IP: 2a02:c7d:1daa:2900:3

Any information at all about this woodblock would be appreciated.

Subject:Re: Japanese woodblock. Artist & subject?
Posted By: Stan Wed, May 09, 2018

Your print is by Kunisada (aka Toyokuni III) and was printed in 1852. It is titled: "Poem by Fujiwara no Nakafumi" (Actor Ichikawa Danjûrô as) Endô Musha, from the series "Comparisons for Thirty-six Selected Poems" (Mitate sanjûrokkasen no uchi)

The Boston MFA has a copy here:


Subject:Re: Japanese woodblock. Artist & subject?
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, May 09, 2018

見立三十六歌撰之内 - 
Mitate Sanjurokkasen no Uchi
Parody Pictures from the Selection of 36 Immortal
藤原仲文 - Fujiwara Nakafumi (Name of poet)
豊國画 - Picture of Toyokuni
横川彫竹 - Yokokawa Horitake (Name of woodblock carver)
吉伊勢兼 - Iseya Kenkichi (Name of Editor)

Name of Artist,
Utagawa Toyokuni III. 1786-1865
Year of Edition, 1852

With regards,
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