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Subject:Need help identifying this painting
Posted By: Nicole Wed, Feb 28, 2018 IP: 2601:702:1:7546:4030

I acquired these paintings some time ago but don't know anything about them. If anyone could give me some information/background about these pieces of art I would appreciate it, thank you.

Subject:Re: Need help identifying this painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Mar 01, 2018

Title of piece "洗馬圖" Picture of washing a horse (Not indicated)
Seal in the left lower corner,
韓氏中紅 - Han-shi Zhong Hong (Surname and art-name of artist) known as Han Ximeng 韓希孟 -
embroidery craftsman from Hangzhou, active in Chongzhen years (1628-1644) of Zhu Youjian at the end of Ming dynasty.

This and the pictures on the subsequent two postings
are modern repros from the 8-piece series of needle embroideries by Han Ximeng, completely imitating the style of paintings from Song and Yuan dynasty times.

The originals were found in in the Guan Boheng Collection in Wuzhou, but after his death they were donated to the National Palace Museum in Peking.

My rough translation of the first line of inscription,
一鑑涵空 毛龍是浴....
The sky like a brass mirror embodies the hairy dragon at bath......

With regards,
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