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Subject:Qianlong Vase: fake or real?
Posted By: Morten Bech Jensen Mon, Feb 19, 2018 IP:

I have obtained this vase. It seems to me, to be a copy of an original Qianlong Vase, regarding design, placement of dragons etc. (see URL) however, the colors a not as blue, and the dragons on my vase seem somewhat dumbfounded. However, I have not been able to find a replica qianlong vase, matching mine either. What do the experts of the forum think?
Pictures of my vase is embedded belov

Subject:Re: Qianlong Vase: fake or real?
Posted By: David Fri, Feb 23, 2018

Hello Morten
Thanks for your interesting post. For me its not a question of"fake or real". From my point of view it looks as though this is mid twentieth century judging by the patina and general feel/look of the print. It's Chinese and real but not Qianlong and I think you will find the mark somewhere on the "recent marks" section of Gothenborg. I wouldn't normally have said anything but nobody has answered you and you need some sort of an answer. Even if it's a crock of shit.... Best wishes D

Subject:Re: Qianlong Vase: fake or real?
Posted By: Morten Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Dear David.

Thank you very much for your kind reply. It is very much appreciated.

I can see that I should perhaps have put more consideration into the words I have used, as I agree with your point, that it is not a question of 'real/fake' but more like a ''replica' aiming to imitate former times design etc.

I have tried to locate other replicas similar to the one I have now, albeit with no luck so far.

I once again thank you for your kind reply.



Subject:Re: Qianlong Vase: fake or real?
Posted By: Corey Wed, Feb 28, 2018

A bit late reply to the thread.

Unfortunately I think your vase is more likely modern. The decoration seems rather "mechanical". Like it's applied withe the use of a stencil, or made with transfer decoration. Decoration also looks somewhat similar to this modern vase:

If it's earlier 20th century it might be valuable. Shape is similar to a vase dated to the 20th century at Bruun Rasmussen, estimated at DKK 25,000-30,000 / € 3,350-4,000 (lot 199):

That one however might actually be an unidentified mark and period example. Comparable vase has been sold as Qianlong period vases at various auctions, for example this one at Sotheby's:

(But that's just me... I see unidentified mark and period pieces all over - it's almost patological.)

But your name sound quite Danish, so I'd suggest you bring it there or send them pictures, if this is your location.

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