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Subject:Bronze Sculpture
Posted By: n garrett Sat, Oct 21, 2017 IP:

I have recently acquired this bronze, it has no markings to indicate maker etc. First questions is it Chinese or Japanese? Second is tis simply a creative work or is it associated with a legend or story etc. any info is much appreciated.

Subject:Re: Bronze Sculpture
Posted By: Bokaba Sun, Oct 22, 2017

This appears to be a Louhan riding a rhinoceros. Probaly Chinese. The form and detail is good for the 19th Century in my opinion. I am a little suspicious of the uniform wear to the raised areas and the patina though.


Subject:Re: Bronze Sculpture
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Oct 24, 2017

The subject is the Bodhidarma (Damo in China, Daruma in Japan) meditating on the back of a rhino. Alibaba is prepared to send one to you express:

FYI, The visage of almost every important individual in China has been well-defined over the centuries, mythical and historical alike. Damo, for instance, is the historical disciple of the Sakyamuni Buddha, who came to China from India in the 5th or 6th century and founded the meditational sect of Buddhism known as Chan in China and Zen in Japan. Being Indian, his image has evolved as a swarthy bearded figure with non-Chinese round eyes, as seen in the scroll below.

Best regards,

Bill H.
Best regards,

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