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Nepal Earthquake Relief: Donations

Many people have asked where would be the best place to send donations for relief for the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Our research leads us to believe that these are the best International aid organizations to give a donation to, because of their strong international reputation and their strong presence and experience in Nepal. This list has been prepared with the help of Elizabeth Knight , publisher emeritus and presently consultant for Orientations. Here they are, with direct link to their Nepal donation page:

International (INGO)

Save The Children

Mercy Corps



Nepal-based (NGOs)

Nepal Villagers' Earthquake Fund
(Shakun Leslie is working with her colleagues and friends through their local NGO, 'Buddhist Peoples Rights Forum', to distribute basic supplies to communities in Nuwakot and Sindupalchowk. Keith Leslie ran Save the Children Fund in Nepal for over 20 years.)

With substantial funds HNN's Nepal team has mobilized 30-40 volunteers, procured and provided 200 tents in Gorkha in collaboration with BPKIHS and ANMF, deployed food to Nuwakot, and provided necessities and medical supplies to Sankhu and Bhotechaur in Sindhupalchowck. Donate to help this team to aid further relief as well as to fund the long-term rebuilding of Nepal.

Cultural response, Monument protection

KVPT Nepal Earthquake - Architectural Heritage Response Fund

KVPT has worked for 25 years to preserve Nepal's UNESCO world heritage sites for future generations and to support 100 local craftsmen and professionals. Many of the structures painstakingly restored by this team have withstood the earthquake. However, in the wake of so much damage to Nepal's architectural heritage, support is needed for the architects, stone masons, gilders and builders to continue preserving and rebuilding the ancient temples, palaces and monuments. KVPT will continue its tradition of sharing its seismic strengthening techniques with all who need it throughout the Himalayan region. Protecting and saving mankind's shared cultural treasures is more important than ever before for Nepal's future.

KVPT pledges that nothing will be spent on administration and it has the existing infrastructure, expertise and people - all paid for already - to make your donation count where it is most desperately needed.

All donations will be sent to Nepal and spent on emergency cultural relief work. Donations are tax deductible - KVPT is 501c3 New York based charity.

A more complete list – including the organizations above - can be found here.

Nepal Earthquake Relief main page | KVPT Nepal Earthquake – Architectural Heritage Response Fund