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The Giant Thangkas of Tsurphu Monastery:


Please use the form below to pledge a donation for the Giant Thangka Project. An additional $30,000 is need to complete the thangka of Bernagchen. Please note that donations to the Giant Thangka are not tax deductible. Donations by check or credit card made via Web Art Publishing will be paid, minus all bank and card charges, directly to the artists, who have been authorized by Tsurphu monastery to collect funds on behalf of this project.

You may donate in 3 ways:

1. by deposit or transfer, in any currency, to:

  • Bank of China
  • Tibet Branch
  • Lhasa
  • beneficiary: Terris Temple and Leslie Nguyen
  • A/C 148180001243
  • reference: for giant thangka
2. by check made out to Web Art Publishing, with the reference, for the giant thangka:
  • Web Art Publishing
  • 129 W. San Francisco Street
  • Santa Fe NM 87501
  • tel (505) 984 0965
  • fax (505) 983 7613
be sure to mark the check: " for Giant Thangka"

3. You can use your Visa, Master or American Express credit card. Your donation will be charged to Web Art Publishing and credited, minus card and bank costs, directly to the artists. Please call or fax Web Art with your card details and the amount, or, if you have a printer, print, fill out and send or fax the card donation form to Web Art Publishing.

All pledges and payments will be displayed in the Donor List and Comments. If you have made a pledge and do not see your name or reference on the list within five days, please send a message to Asian Arts.

Please note that donation pledges will not be displayed unless a full return address is given. Note also that you can decide how you will be listed in the donor list.

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    I will redeem my pledge within two weeks by the following method:

    Deposit or transfer to Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong
    check made out to Web Art Publishing
    credit card charge by Web Art Publishing. I will call or send a card donation form (see above).

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