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Re: Translation of Scroll Painting

Posted By: NYAmateur
Posted Date: Feb 22, 2017 (11:15 PM)

Thank you very much Rat. I appreciate the references to the Chinese painters who may have influenced this work. It is really useful to compare those masterpieces with this less successful work (which I still love, if only for being the first scroll painting I purchased) particularly when they have similar formal approaches.

Two more questions regarding the specific techniques. You mentioned that Japanese paintings using the ink dot style tends to seek to unify, or at least harmonize, background with foreground. Is this a distinctive trait of Japanese painters, or can it be seen in Chinese painting as well?

Secondly, one thing that interested me in this painting was the three distinct styles used in representing the mountains. On viewer's left is a mountain consisting solely of ink dots without any outline. In the center the mountain has the same brush strokes but with a drawn border, and on the right the mountain is almost perfectly smooth and uniform. Was this a particular style for demonstrating perspective/distance?

One final question, do you happen to know of a good English-language book or website that would serve as a useful introduction to Chinese and Japanese scroll painting. It is a big, and slightly intimidating, field, so I would love to establish a firm foundation of knowledge. Plus, I do not want to abuse your time or generosity, so hopefully next time I can answer these types of questions by myself. Thanks again.

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