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Blue & White Chinese? Open Salt

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Nov 14, 2016 (12:44 AM)

I bought this blue & white porcelain open salt dish in an antiques store last week for $125 after convincing myself that it might be 18th century Chinese. After returning home and getting down to some serious research, I'm wondering if I might be wrong. Looking down at the top of it, the floral pattern looks like it might suit the Kangxi period or later. However, I'm having a more difficult time matching the cabriole legs and floral treatment underneath. Been all through and even the Christies archive to no avail. Have even looked at Meissen and some other Continental porcelains to see if this might be a special order to complement a European service. Lots of hexagonal Chinese and other salts out there, but no exact match of the pattern or form of this one so far. The writing in black on the base also is a mystery to me, though it looks like Chinese (or Japanese) depending on the angle.

I'm open to suggestion.

Link is as follows if the other one doesn't work:!ApQyvqC1qsbxjnJKSAli3EfQ_DBZ


Bill H.

Link :BW Salt

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