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Re: Help me to identify

Posted By: John
Posted Date: Jan 31, 2023 (06:32 PM)

Dear I Nagy
Thank you so much for spending time to answer me. As I know,imperial kiln made porcelain doesn't mean that this was made for the emperor , I think it's should be better quality for the mark,but maybe for a member of the court? Unknown name means that unfamiliar for you, or doesn't even says that who been in it ? If this porcelain made in the imperial kiln, do you think is that something good stuff ,or not something important piece? As I have never seen this complete piece since I collect, and research Chinese artworks, about 15year, I have found one at , but incompletely , they describe it wrong because they said it is a jar , but because they have only the bottom ( cup holder) part, but because the top of the porcelain narrows as it rises , for the size of the cap to hold it in ! item number is, 1002 jar 7 cm

I have another porcelain urn same as this , I have been posted same time, but because I needed to resize it unfortunately unseeable , but it is required more pictures to show everything I think it's important, that's why I'm going to post as a reply and attach my Google drive to show it to you, if you please take a look I am much appreciated!

Many thanks
Kings Regards

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