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Ode to the Red Cliff?

Posted By: rat
Posted Date: Jan 25, 2023 (10:38 AM)

Thanks for following up, I think you are right. The upper inscription seems to be a poem that the artist composed and refers to the Yangtze River 長江, along which the Red Cliff site is located. I was scanning it and the bottom inscription for text from the Ode or references to its author Su Shi, in the process missing the entire point! The bottom inscription seems to be a commentary by the artist. Will try to read them both more carefully, (if I. Nagy doesn't get to them first). I don't get any hits online or in the main Chinese references for the name this painter is using. Dongtai is likely but not necessarily the artist's home. Chances are the painting by a Qing painter from there, but the brushwork's seeming emphasis on pattern over depth/volume (especially in the top half) suggested Japanese to me, and Japanese artists have certainly painted Chinese subject matter, taken Chinese-style names for themselves, and emulated Chinese literati (using the term Nanga painting).

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