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KOGETSU SOGAN 江月宗玩 (1574-1643) inscription help

Posted By: Unitopia
Posted Date: Nov 29, 2020 (01:29 AM)


This scroll was acquired some years back from Japan. The seal is identical to the seal on another painting by Kogetsu Sogan I shared some time ago, kindly translated by I. Nagy as 江月 - Kōgetsu.

I would be very happy to see the inscription translated.

Below is some info on the artist:

Kogetsu was the 156th chief priest at Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto. Like Takuan Soho his sensei was Shunoku Soen 春屋宗園 (1529–1611). He studied Tea with his father and also with the artist tea master Kobori Enshu 小堀 遠州 (1579-1647) and the tea master monk Shokado Shojo 松花堂昭乗 (1584-1639). Kogetsu was a good painter and poet as well. He entered Daitokuji at the age of 9. Later in life, he was very admired by the nobility and a sought after person for instructions and guidance.

He vitalized the connection between the Daitokuji temple and the tea ceremony. Kogetsu was also a teacher of Buddhism to the people. He received many people for spiritual instructions, like the Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu 徳川 家光 (1604 - 1651), who later closed the borders of Japan. Others were the samurai Oda Nobukatsu 織田 信雄 (1558 - 1630), the Emperor Go-Mizunoo 後水尾天皇 (1596 - 1680), Japan's great "unifier" Toyotomi Hideyoshi 豊臣 秀吉 (1537 - 1598), the court noble Konoe Nobuhiro 近衛 信尋 (1599–1649) who became a monk.

Kogetsu Sogan founded Ryoko-in 1606, a sub-temple to Daitokuji. He is remembered for his high level of education and Zen teachings. Kogetsu turned Ryoko-in into a cultural center and it has until this day preserved many cultural treasures and co-operated with Miho Museum around an exhibition "Living in Zen and the Daitokuji Ryōkōin Heritage", Spring 2019.

From Kyoko Asai, Professor at the Aizu Museum:
"The 156th chief priest of Daitoku Temple and the pupil of Shunoku Souen. Received the aegis of Kuroda Nagamasa with his mentor, restored Soufuku Temple in Hakata, and engaged in the construction of the annex of Daitoku Temple: Ryoukouin. Became the founder of Kohouan and Sunshoan. Kougetsu, the son of Tsuda Sogyu, who was a wealthy merchant and tea master in Sakai, was acquainted with Kobori Enshu and Shokado Shojo et al. A lot of classic items, including tea ceremony goods, are stored in Ryoukouin. Aka Kanshinshi and Kakukakushi."

Thank you in advance!


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