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Ju, Jun, Flambé, or none of the above? Vase glaze/age help needed

Posted By: TimG
Posted Date: Jun 03, 2020 (08:35 PM)


Can someone please advise the age and glaze of this vase?

So this vase came from an estate reportedly of a woman who died in her 90's, who had lived in Japan & China for 40 years during the mid 20th c. I can't confirm the validity of this info, but the company handling the estate has run 4 sales so far, all filled with Japanese and some Chinese items.

The vase in question is fairly heavily potted with a pale semi opaque blue glaze.

My first thought was the vase was a late 19th c. Chinese all blue flambé porcelain bottle vase. Except, I've always understood that flambé and sangdebof glazes were notorious for running over the foot ring of 19th c. examples, requiring grinding. The glaze stops cleanly before e foot ring.

Then I was thinking it might be jun ware without the purple splash, but I see most examples have black or bronze stained foot rings.

A wild thought crossed my mind that is was some type of ju ware, but it's a fairly large vase, about 9-10" tall, so it seems unlikely.

Seems legitimately old, but these monochrome pieces really baffle me. Any help would be appreciated.


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