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Re: Emperor figurine?

Posted By: Bill H
Posted Date: Dec 09, 2019 (02:33 AM)

This is one of a number of late 20th century or subsequently made decorative figurines of Qing Emperors; which one I don't recognize. The apocryphal mark, which is shown lying on its righthand side,purports as follows:

Line 1 reads right to left in seal script as '福建會館' (Fujian Huiguan) - 'The Fujian Association'

The remainder, also seal script, reads down and across from the top right in three stacks of two characters each as '游長子本記造' (You Chang zi ben ji zao), which is translatable to the effect of 'Made from original records by You Changzi',

You Changzi (1874-1922) was the Master of the Fujian (Provincial) Association at Jingdezhen, which took the name of mutual-assistance associations or guilds that were formed by those who emigrated to or otherwise settled for work in other than their native places. Their heyday was from the late Qing to early Republic. Most modern works bearing their marks, including this one, are quite rude when compared to originals, some of which can be seen in the archive of marks under "Fujian Club".

Best regards,

Bill H.

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