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Help with possible chinese teacups & saucers

Posted By: L Bowler
Posted Date: Nov 29, 2019 (05:59 AM)


I recently won a number of items at auction, and these were amongst the Lot. I would be very grateful for any assistance in identifying if they are of Asian origin and anything else about them. I have never seen a pattern and style quite like it.

They look Chinese in style. The brown detailing has been hand painted over (in blues, reds, pink & browns) quite crudely and a brown wash of colour applied inside the cups and saucers over the flower edges. The pattern covers the entire inside of the saucer.There are a number of firing errors and bits of possible grit stuck to the glaze etc. The saucers are very deep and almost bowl like. The only mark is a mark in brown/puce underneath - like a simple dot of colour. They have a lovely ring to them.

Saucer is 5.25" diameter
Cup 3" Diameter (not inc handle) approx. 2.75" in height.

They might be nothing of value - no idea, but I would love to know a bit more about them if possible.

Thank you

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