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Any help to identify vase!

Posted By: Terry Martin
Posted Date: Jul 23, 2019 (09:56 AM)

The Story of the Mystery Vase

I am writing down what was told to me by my mother. My father was an MP during WWII and was stationed in Japan at the end of the war. When my father returned home, he brought with him a plain vase which he gave to my mother as a gift. My mother glued green felt on the bottom of the vase and displayed it on a shelf in our home. It sat there for year’s collecting dust. One day while cleaning house, she decided to wash the vase. She described how, to her surprise, the warm water slowly washed the clay off to reveal another vase underneath! She kept the vase for many years until she gave it to me in the hope that I might be able to find information about the vase. I took the felt off the bottom of the vase and could not find any markings. I was unsuccessful in finding any pictures on-line that resembled this vase. I gave up. Both my father and mother have passed away. My father passed before my mother had told me the story; however, I don’t think he knew anything about the hidden vase.
Last week, my wife was playing with her new phone and was showing me how her camera could magnify images. She picked up the vase and took a picture of the bottom.
My wife noticed what appeared to be a marking stamped into the clay.
I have over the years learned to appreciate the vase even though it is somewhat crude. I am still
looking for answers so any ideas, I will be grateful.
Treasure or Trash?

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