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Japanese screen (Meiji?) artist? Restore or enjoy AS IS?

Posted By: TimG
Posted Date: Jul 21, 2019 (10:35 AM)

I picked up 2 screens, this Japanese screen, and another that may be Chinese (it's a calligraphy screen), from an auction selling items from an estate that inherited the screens from their grandfather - reportedly a former ambassador.

The screen has condition issues, especially the back which is nearly entirely torn off on several panels. So, I'm wondering if the piece is worth restoring.

I've posted photos of the 6 panels in groups of 3. Plus, I've included a photo of the signature and a seal at the bottom of each painting.

And, I included a photo of what looks like leters/postcards that were glued into the backing of the screen. I Googled the red stamps with a samurai riding a horse - they date to the Meiji and there is a couple of date stamps showing 1908. Not sure if the date of creation of the painting is of that time or earlier.

Knowing who the artist is would be helpful in making this decision if someone would be so kind to translate the name & seals if possible.

If the artist is of no real importance, I'm thinking to separate the paintings from the screen, clean them up, then frame them as more decorative elements.

Thanks for the help! I'll post the calligraphy screen shortly.


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