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Painter Takamori Saigan?

Posted By: I.Nagy
Posted Date: Dec 20, 2018 (07:47 AM)

The cold pillow mat doesn`t hold heat anymore
On the side of my wife the tipsiness remains
碎嵒迂史 - Saigan-ushi
(I could confirm the same signature on the internet)
Upper seal,
高森 - Takamori
Lower seal,
朶香 - Daka (One of his pseudonyms)
I can`t read the starting seal,

Takamori Saigan 高森碎巖 (嵒)1847-1917

Other seals,
松琴 - Shōkin
Upper seal,
囗嶺之印 - Seal of 囗ryō  - Pseudonym
祥雲堂  - Shoundō  - Studio name ?

According to the literature the following painters
have the Shōkin 松琴 art names;
Hayami Shōkin  速水松琴 Shōwa period painter
Yokoyama Shōkin 横山松琴 Paintress 1856-
Fukuda Shōkin 福田松琴 1841-1901 
Noguchi Shōkin 野口松琴  Active in Meiji era

I could not find exactly the same signature, and no trace of these seals on the works of the above
Without having the picture shown, there is no comparison basis with the few images available.

With regards,

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