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Bronze Buddha, Cuprite, Malachite, Azutite, HOW OLD?

Posted By: TimG
Posted Date: Oct 01, 2018 (01:03 PM)


As I am not a chemist or metallurgist, and I suspect few if any are in this Forum, so perhaps you could post the question elsewhere and get a precise response regarding cuprite formation - Can you even be sure it is cuprite and not a similar looking crystal?

Below is a link that discussing artificial patinas that might be helpful since you seem to have some familiarity with the subject than I do.

In two cases where I had objects that would be of considerable value if genuine, I reached out to Dr. Bezard Bavarian from the California State University, Northridge, and he performed a very thourough analysis of the metal composition and mineral growth (patina).

Dr. B. wrote his doctoral thesis on Chinese archaic bronzes and is quite familiar with their correct chemical composition vs. modern bronze alloys.

It cost me $500 plus round trip shipping, and only one of the two turned out to be genuinely old, but both had extremely convincing patinas - a rep I know from a major NY auction house handled both and was unable to confirm nor deny the authenticity, and in the absence of provenance, I sent them for lab analysis.

I think you'd agree, your head is not a good candidate for analysis given the crudeness, and as a kind word of caution - from the standpoint of authenticity, try not to get caught up in the complexities of bronze oxidation without first giving priority to casting method, bronze composition, and correct adherence to the esthetic of the period of creation of the piece.

At the end of the day, while collectors are always concerned with authenticity, if the item does not demonstrably look 'right' for the style of the period reportedly made, no amount of paper offering 'authentication' will change their minds.


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