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Bronze Buddha, Cuprite, Malachite, Azutite, HOW OLD?

Posted By: Bob
Posted Date: Sep 30, 2018 (09:59 AM)

Thank you Tim for your opinion. I agree with you regarding the casting..

The one thing I just can't figure out is how the Cuprite was created, if faked. I have not been able to find anything over many searches over some years regarding
how to Fake Cuprite. Now, there may be a way, but I sure have not been able to find that information. The only information I can find is that it indeed can't be faked. Another fact that confuses me is that the Cuprite with what looks to me Malachite on top, is clearly part of the bronze surface. It appears to be the transition of bronze to Cuprite, not a surface application of sorts..

This one does indeed have me scratching my head, and would like to hear more opinions..

Also, if anyone can point me in the direction regarding the process of faking Cuprite ( other than grinding up and applying to surface as I have heard) I would appreciate that link..for this mystery, and any other pieces that may come up ...

Oh, one more note that does not seem to follow the fake thinking, why fake the Cuprite in only several locations throughout the piece in a size almost the size of a pinhead.. less than 1/16 inch say?

I think we all have seen the faked Bronzes, and their patina.. and me like most can spot it within seconds...most are bad... Lol..

Well, thanks for any more inform on this piece

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