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Very good old chinese landscape painting

Posted By: rat
Posted Date: Jul 30, 2018 (10:56 AM)

a challenge!

date is given as autumn of the 辛巳 cyclical year, which I am going to guess on the basis of style and damage is 1881.

the calligraphy is rather "cursive", so for me a bit hard to decipher. 小于x陶春x appear where the artist would usually sign but yields little informative without the missing characters I represent with Xs. I. Nagy may have better luck reading them. The seals do not include the artist's name, and possibly may not include an art name either, but again I can't read the entire text of either. I am wondering whether this might be a Japanese picture rather than Chinese too, despite the Chinese-style dedicatory inscription and mounting.

Remounting will improve the appearance substantially but its cost will almost certainly exceed the value of this picture. At minimum the backing must be soaked off and the painting surface needs to sit in water for some time to somewhat reverse the looks of waterstaining damage. Painting quality is not high, but the artist is certainly trying

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