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Flambe Glazed Brush Washer - is this genuine?

Posted By: TimG
Posted Date: Nov 22, 2017 (07:51 AM)

A pretty piece, but in my opinion, it looks to be late 19th c. in every respect.

I think the color is the most telling feature.

Comparing your piece to 18th c. flambe examples that have gone through major auction houses, the red tones in your vessel are very maroon and blues are not too brilliant, so it lacks the dramatic contrast that made the glaze so famous.

Also, flambe did exist prior to Qianlong. Just Google "flambe Yongzheng Christie's" and you will see some spectacular examples.

Your written explanation of your process for evaluating the age/oeriod is quite interesting and I think it points out a very important component of porcelain authentication.

It is my understanding that for any authentication to be widely accepted, all aspects of the piece (glaze color, texture, vessel form, foot rim treatment, etc.) need to be consistent with known/documented examples of the period.

If there is one variation, the authenticity becomes suspect, at least that has been what I've been told by my mentors.

You point out several inconsistencies in your post, so I think you have already done a very good job arguing that the piece is no earlier than 19th c.

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