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Japanese paint and calligraphy

Posted By: rat
Posted Date: Jun 20, 2017 (12:25 PM)

I'm glad you enjoy this picture, but it's hard to tell much from your photographs. Can you take clear and overlapping photos of the inscription from top to bottom? Those you have posted here are partial and don't seem to read directly from one to the next.

From the signature and second seal the artist seems to be calling himself 北櫵道人, which on Google returns a landscape painting with a similar signature that looks Chinese and which one commentator without offering evidence dated to the Republican era (1911-1949). ( I agree though that the brushwork and style and mounting of yours seems Japanese instead. There seems to be a cyclical date 戌子 within your inscription that corresponds to 1948 if my assumption that this is a 20th century picture is correct. Whether that is the date this picture was painted is not clear, as the date is located in the middle of the inscription, which is atypical.

I saw Botan post recently, who may have more insight into this painting at first glance than I do.

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