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watercolor paintings from Myanmar (Burma) - Artists?

Posted By: TimG
Posted Date: Jun 07, 2017 (07:39 PM)

Finally got around to buying these lovely watercolors of Buddhist boys painted by Myanmar artists. However, I'm having a hard time finding out info on the artists. Can anyone help?

The gallery label indicates they were framed (and likely sold) by the Kiri Desa Gallery in Singapore. But, Kiri Desa Gallery does not appear to have a website.

There is also a printed biography on the artist on the back of each frame, but the information seems to be least from what I can see from the signatures.

The painting of the boys praying before a row of Buddha appears to be signed Win Naing. The artist bio label on the back reads Clinn Naning, born in Yangou Myanmar i n 1954.

The 2nd painting of three Buddhist boys with an umbrella appears to be signed Soe Thain Aung 93. However, the artist label identifies the artist as Soe Thai Aung...with only a difference of one letter, perhaps in this case the label is correct.

In either case, while I can not find any info on these artists, the quality of the two paintings seems to be a professionally trained artist.

Similar artistry can be found on the Internet for the artist Myoe Win Aung, so it seems the subject matter of my watercolors are not unique for works originating from Myanmar, and perhaps there is a school there that specializes in these impressionist style watercolors of Buddhist children.

Anyways....I love these paintings and look forward to learning more about them

Thanks for the help.


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