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Subject:Scroll #4 Ike No Taiga - Bamboo
Posted By: Willie Howard Fri, May 15, 2015 IP:

One more. Although the painting is in poor condition I think it's pretty nice and am looking for (hopefully) confirmation of the following. I believe this is one of the signatures used by Ike No Taiga and I have seen the seal referenced back to him in a seal book and a later erotic print supposedly after a drawing of his. However, since I don't read Japanese and the seal book is written only in Japanese, and the other source (print) is less than definitive, I thought I see if anyone has any other thoughts. I did compare the signature to other examples and it seems right to me. I would appreciate any additional information or opinions about this.
Much thanks for bearing with me through all these posts.

Subject:Re: Scroll #4 Ike No Taiga - Bamboo
Posted By: peter Fri, Oct 22, 2021

its a long time ago, but the painting is certainly worth an answer.
you are right about the signature 霞雅 and seal 大雅堂.

your photo is rather small, but the composition looks good to me. I like especially the placement of the signature.

for your reference you can take a look to this painting:

Subject:Re: Scroll #4 Ike No Taiga - Bamboo
Posted By: Willie Howard Mon, Oct 25, 2021

You're right! It has been quite a while since I posted this inquiry. I'm not sure what could have landed you here after six-plus years but thanks for taking the time to respond.
I mostly collect Japanese prints but that sometimes leads down some very interesting paths, like the auction where I found this painting.
Despite its age old scars, I liked it very much. Glad you did too. I really like yours as well, very graceful and certainly in better condition.
Again, thanks for reaching out and sharing your interest and insights.

Subject:Re: Scroll #4 Ike No Taiga - Bamboo
Posted By: peter Tue, Oct 26, 2021

Disappointed how rarely are seen good paintings in this forum I typed some household names into the search field. Just to be even more disappointed....

The condition in your scroll is so bad because they did not restore the honshi (the painting itself) when they did the scroll in the later 20th century. It was just pasted in the bad condition into the new scroll. All the creases are soon back of course.
My painting is unfortunately not much better off, but I did support the creases and made some provisional repairs. That makes a big difference. It also is full of worm holes. It still needs a full service.

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