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Subject:Is this Chinese or Japanese ?
Posted By: Allen Miller Sat, Sep 23, 2023 IP: 2401:4900:1cbd:4f63:

Request Translation.

Subject:Re: Is this Chinese or Japanese ?
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Sep 25, 2023

It is Chinese,
景德鎮彩 Jingdezhen Cai
Porcelain produced and fired in the Jingdezhen area.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Is this Chinese or Japanese ?
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Sep 25, 2023

I've downloaded links to the only other example of this mark which popped up in the forum six years ago. At the time, I was able to find another example selling on eBay.

The mark reads down and across from the right as "Jingdezhen-Ornamented" (Jing de zhen cai). The decoration looks to be a transfer pattern. The script on the cover of the box for the tea set shown at the link possibly reads down as "Treasure for popular tea of the past" (Gu xing ming bao - 古興茗寶). These wares definitely date to the 20th century or later.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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