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Subject:Qi Baishi Paintings
Posted By: Pickles Tue, May 23, 2023 IP:

Hello, these are from my father's art collection. He passed away recently and we are looking for any feedback on whether these are authentic. I'll post a few, just to see where we're at. Thank you very much in advance!

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Paintings
Posted By: peter Wed, May 24, 2023

without checking back the exact drawing habits of each motif in the given time against solid references I would say the three paintings you post are looking very promising. Whether the paintings would be all accepted by several experts does not matter, for me the three paintings already show that your father was a serious collector! peter

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Paintings
Posted By: mikeoz Wed, May 24, 2023

Look like high quality RongBaoZhai 榮寶齋 woodblock prints. These use multiple blocks and a highly skilled use of ink and water to achieve almost perfect reproductions.

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Paintings
Posted By: Pickles Thu, May 25, 2023

Hello and thank you for taking the time to reply peter and mikeoz.

Thought I would share a few background details on my father. He was in his 90s when he passed, originally from China, immigrated to San Francisco, CA around 1950. At first, he worked service jobs. Eventually put his savings, along with financial help from a relative, opened up a bookstore Chinatown. He was well read, self taught in the stock market, made wise investments in it, and in real estate, also invested/purchased Chinese paintings. He sold a few of them for tens of thousands over the years. There was a language barrier between him and myself and my siblings. He was very fond of his painting collection, but we were limited in knowing who he purchased from and sold to (in China and Hong Kong).

We have submitted some images for consideration to Christie’s and Sothebys, but seems like a stretch bc we haven’t had experts look at them prior.

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Paintings
Posted By: peter Fri, May 26, 2023

there are two types of successful collectors. the one is very rich and trusts the money and the right experts, the other one is understanding so much that he could trust in his own judgement.
From the few words you wrote about your father I would expect him to belong to the second category. Usually the big dealers are able to understand a mountain than they see it and will accept this provenance. If you have trouble to connect to them online, its probably best to make a direct appointement in NY and bring a set of fine paintings with you to meet the head of Chinese art there.
I also like to point out just in case you are unaware of this, that Chinese books or books on Chinese art have reached astronomical prices too.

Its a pity that your father so deeply rooted in his own culture could not involve you in his interests a little more.

best wishes, peter

Subject:Re: Qi Baishi Paintings
Posted By: Pickles Sat, May 27, 2023

Thank you Peter! Having not been a part of this art world, it's interesting and helpful to hear your insights. My family members have heard my Dad speak highly and fondly of some of these paintings through the years. We've assumed that most/all/some are authentic, as we patch together bits of his stories. We are familiar with the NY Times article citing the knock-offs, so many sold works sold at auction vs. quantity of paintings realistically able to be produced. We also know how keen my father was and hard to believe he would risk purchasing possible fakes.

Your suggestion to make an in-person appointment (should online not work) makes sense.

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