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Subject:Help w/Identifying large Hmong tapestry
Posted By: Jim Sun, Mar 12, 2023 IP: 2601:204:d500:34d0:d

hi everyone. i found this piece last week and was absolutely amazed by the workmanship and vibrancy of it. i'm calling it "Hmong," but i really don't know for certain what it's origin is. i do know some of the cross stitched symbols are Hmong, but i would love to hear from others out there with perhaps more knowledge on what the cultural origin of this piece is. this tapestry measures 47" x 57" and is completely hand done. any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks

Subject:Re: Help w/Identifying large Hmong tapestry
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Mar 15, 2023

The work certainly appears to have Hmong iconography in the various patterns and if you search "Hmong Textiles" through Google, you'll find many hits on the subject, including iconography charts and book titles. One Hmong weaving that's missing from the mix I reviewed is the 6" by 5" swatch pictured below that I brought back from Laos in 1973. It depicts the souls of Hmong relatives being guided into their afterlife by the spirit of a buffalo that was slaughtered for a ritual feast at their funerals in line with Hmong traditions.

Best regards,

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