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Subject:id damaged vase
Posted By: morris Tue, Feb 28, 2023 IP:

rescued can the age and origin be identified by either the pattern or rings, many thanks

Subject:Re: id damaged vase
Posted By: Joakim Wed, Mar 01, 2023

Hi Morris,

I believe your vase is either genuine Dutch delftware, probably 18th century or a later replica of delftware and then probably produced in France late 19th century, early 20th century. I recommend you to ask the experts at the delftsaardewerk forum if you want an expert opinion.

Best regards

Subject:Re: id damaged vase
Posted By: APEX Antiques Fri, Mar 10, 2023

I'm not an expert on Delft however it certainly looks like real Delft to me, the latter French pieces were stylistically quite different.

Subject:Re: id damaged vase
Posted By: Joakim Fri, Mar 10, 2023

I actually believe this is not a genuine piece. My main concern is the tone of the blue paint and the low “resolution” in the painting, it has many of the features of delftware motifs but it is quite crudely painted. Here is a link to a very similar 17/18th century piece in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands.

You notice that the tone of the blue color is darker and the quality of the painting higher.

I have seen French made copies of 17/18th century delftware that were really well made requiring expertise to determine if they are genuine or not. In this case, if the piece discussed here was made to resemble the piece depicted in the link, I believe its not doing a great jobb.

With all this said, there were many producers of delftware with varying quality so I do not have the expertise to say with 100% certainty that this piece is note genuine, thus my recommendation to ask the experts at the mentioned forum. But I believe it has some features pointing in the direction of being a later replica.

All the best!
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