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Subject:Age of Blue and white plate?
Posted By: Jackie Sun, Feb 26, 2023 IP:

Hi again, this plate (I will post a second plate shortly) has been in the family for many decades. Any information on it's possible true age, era, story behind the image and possible value, would all be appreciated. (Our family has many Asian antiques and art pieces and curios, but we don't actually have much in-depth knowledge on many of the items...) Thus I will be posting a few more queries in the the coming days on here and hopeful to get some advice and information.
Very much appreciate any help and feedback.
Thank you!
(Size is approx. 45cm-50cm in diameter. It is rather heavy)

Subject:Re: Age of Blue and white plate?
Posted By: Mark Adams Mon, Feb 27, 2023

Japanese origin. Circa 1880.
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