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Subject:Biue white with Dragons Vtg, Atq, or Modern?
Posted By: R.M. Murrisey Sat, Feb 25, 2023 IP: 2601:801:101:360:a1a

Again, not sure here. Any info would be appreciated. I've saw so many blue and white, and just picked this one up looking for something "different". At least from what I had. Any info on what it might say and when it could be from are always inspire my gratitude. Last one for now.

Best regards,

Link :Imgur link

Subject:Re: Biue white with Dragons Vtg, Atq, or Modern?
Posted By: Bill H Sat, Feb 25, 2023

Regret to inform, but while your quasi gourd-shaped dragon teapot with curling dragon tail for handle might make a nice decorative statement in the right home surroundings, it falls short of authenticity and antiquity tests on several counts.

There is no precedent for a pot of similar form ever being made during the entire Qing dynasty among illustrations in the comprehensive scholarly tome 'Ch'ing Official and Popular Wares' by Professor Liu Liang-yu, an advisor to the National Palace Museum/Taipei and world authority on the subject of Chinese ceramics. The book is filled with museum-quality photos and descriptions of various reign-marked pieces accompanied by diagrams of their profiles.

The Yongzheng palace rigidly controlled the appearance and calligraphy of imperial and export porcelain markings. Your probable wine pot is inconsistent with period norms both in its grossly brushed double circles and casually written characters that overflow those borders. There is nothing like it in the authoritative Mainland-published “Collection of Classical Markings on Chinese Historical Porcelains” (Zhongguo lidai taoci kuanzhi dadian - 中国历代陶瓷款识大典).

The decoration has further suspicious issues in looking like it is at least partially pasted together with decals or other transfers; i.e., the floating leaves with no stems. Also, the dragons would have been painted in the style prevailing in the period, which these don't.

I've attached an auction house photo below of a 19th century teapot having the form somewhat resembling the profile of yours and decoration using a dragon style seen in the 18th century.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Biue white with Dragons Vtg, Atq, or Modern?
Posted By: Bill Hardy Sun, Feb 26, 2023

R.M., Here's a link to a major auction of Chinese porcelain and other items coming up next month. I believe it probably is searchable. You might wish to review it anyway to get an overall feel for period stuff.

Best regards,

Bill H.

URL Title :March 23 AUCTION

Subject:Re: Biue white with Dragons Vtg, Atq, or Modern?
Posted By: APEX Antiques Fri, Mar 10, 2023

Many thanks for the link to this catalogue.
I try to view pieces with no question of authenticity such as these as many & often as possible. Whether in person, in catalogues, books, museums, galleries.... anywhere I can really.
It truly gives one an unparalleled innate sense of what "feels" right (or not right as the case may be). Often I can't tell someone why a piece isn't genuine, I just know (from viewing so many that are genuine) so that's what I'm working on now; articulating what makes a piece not genuine rather than just blurting our "sorry, it's a fake!" (I have no bedside manner) & conversely what factors make a piece unquestionably genuine and how to explain the difference between the two so a lay person can see at least minor obvious differences. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |