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Subject:Vtg or Atq.
Posted By: R.M. Murrisey Sat, Feb 25, 2023 IP: 2601:801:101:360:6c1

Thank you so much yet again, and best regards to you all. Bill I must adopt your delivery. If you've read here for enough years you understand the need for Bill's delivery on the info. I swear it has to be something people either get or just miss it.

I browsed and read many hours here. Just pure fun.
I hope you enjoyed the "centerpiece" It felt modern kitchen-y to me too. Sharing smiles. :)

The only centerpiece that was to be part of had food in it.Now the really confusing one.

The actual centerpiece I'm in love with. Linked imgur. Thanks so much. I hope you at least enjoy the personal learning process I'm shaping here. I enjoy so much more than I share of value. Fully aware. Best wishes

Link :Dragon Charger Vtg or Atq?

Subject:Re: Vtg or Atq.
Posted By: Bill H Sat, Feb 25, 2023

Circa mid-20th century post-WW-II period famille verte repro seeking to emulate Kangxi style, but enamel tones and dragon style fall short.

See image from auction link below.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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