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Posted By: Bill H Tue, Jan 24, 2023 IP:

I've run up against a brick wall trying to verify the titles on this Wushuangpu cup. The left stack top character is the Surname Zhou and the botton of the right stack is Jun (military). Hope I.Nagy and others come to my rescue as usual.

Much obliged,

Bill H.

Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jan 25, 2023

将軍 - Jiāngjūn - General
周處 - Zhōu Chŭ

Zhou Chu 236-297
was a warlord of the Western Jin Dynasty, from the Three Kingdom period of China.

With regards,

Posted By: Bill H Wed, Jan 25, 2023

Bless you for the boost. This is one of the best of its kind in my collection. Many of the figures are identified in 'The Great Fortune", the last catalog on the famed collector Georg Weishaupt. However, this one wasn't among them.

Much obliged,

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