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Subject:Need Identification On This Chinese / Japanese Antique Gourd Shaped Dragon Pottery Teapot
Posted By: Gary Knudtzon Tue, Jan 17, 2023 IP: 2601:602:67e:40:e1c1

Appreciate Your Help on Identifying this either Chinese or Japanese Antique Pottery Gourd Shaped Teapot. Any Info. would be Highly Appreciated especially weather it is Chinese or Japanese and its aproximate Date of make and what it would be called as to a Title given to how it is made, etc. Its actually made of two different colored pottery the interior being a deep earthy Brown and the exterior being close to an off white. It all has a glossy finish and measures 6 inches high to the top of the Lid. the lid looks a little to white because of the flash on my Camera including some of the base also. Thank You for your Time and Knowledge Shared! Gary K

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