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Subject:Identify Charger
Posted By: china Thu, Jan 12, 2023 IP:

help appreciated to ID origin of charger plate

Subject:Re: Identify Charger
Posted By: Mark Adams Thu, Jan 12, 2023

Pictures are blurry. Neither the less your Charger is Japanese and from the Meiji period.
[email protected]

Subject:Re: Identify Charger
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jan 12, 2023

This mark reads "Dai Ming Sei Ka Nen Sei" (太明成化年製), "Made during the Seika Reign of the Great Ming Dynasty". It is a Japanese forgery of reign marks from the Chenghua rule in China (1465-87) that dates to the Pre-1868 Edo period but also was continued afterward. Some of these marks are seen with the "大" (Great - Da in China) character, also pronounced "Dai" in Japan.

Your photos are too fuzzy for a guess at whether the charger is an older or newer piece.

Best regards,

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