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Subject:Help with signature and identification of art
Posted By: Orlando Sun, Nov 20, 2022 IP: 2a02:26f7:c351:8008:

Need help identifying the artist or name of art

Link :Art

Subject:Re: Help with signature and identification of art
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Nov 22, 2022

Lenghty inscription in the picture is a poem titled
"Mt. Huang Remembrance" 黄山銘 by the Qing Dynasty poet Gong Zizhi 龔自珍 1792-1841.
Colophon reads,
Quoted from the Qing Dynasty Gong Zizhen Mt. Huang Remembrance as preface
Leisure seal;
兼愛 Jian'ai - Universal love

Inscription on the left,
Above the brocade clouds there is winter
I recall Shandong facing the morning clouds in the East China Sea
Seals are illegibly far

Qu Guliang 瞿谷量 1936-
American-Chinese painter of clouds and mountains.
Native of Jiading, Shanghai

With regards,
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