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Subject:Help with Painting Signature
Posted By: Don Fri, Nov 18, 2022 IP: 2603:8001:bd07:a397:

I am helping to liquidate an estate and need to find out who the artist is of over 50 Chinese paintings by contemporary artists. All I can provide is an image of what I believe to be the signatures. Hope someone can help to identify the artist. Thank you!

Subject:Re: Help with Painting Signature
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Nov 19, 2022

李山樓 河北 Li Shanlou Hebei

Li Shanlou 李山樓 1957-
Nagtive of Pingxiang, Hebei
Famous contemporary landscape painter, print-maker -first class artist.

緑野 (綜合版画) Lu Ye* (Comprehensive block
* Lu Ye (Green Field) Probably art-name、
also could be the title of print

消夏圖 PIcture of Escaping the Summer Heat
In the Year of Earth-Dragon (1988) Painting and Inscription by Changle zhi Xuan on the Lake,
Guohui of Wu*
Upper seal,
Illegible hieroglyphs
Lower seal,
劉國輝印 Seal of Liu Guihui

Liu Guihui 劉國輝 1940-
Native of Suzhou, Jiangsu
Famous contemporary figure painter.
One of his synonyms is Changle (zxhi) Xuan (Hall of Endless Happiness)
* Wu (呉)indicates one of the states of the Spring and Autumn period, now corresponding to the painter`s native area on the lower reaches of the Yangtse River.

With regards,
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