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Subject:Japanese woodblock book page
Posted By: Lisa Wood Wed, Nov 16, 2022 IP:

I have a double page woodblock print which I believe is a page from a book. I believe the characters down the centre will reveal the artist and book title? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

Subject:Re: Japanese woodblock book page
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Nov 17, 2022

(草木)品物圖譜 - Sōmoku Hinbutsu Zufu - Illustrated Reference Book of Plants
(The upper part of page with characters 草木 is cut off or is below the frame)
白鶴園蔵 - Hakkakuen -zō - Hakkakuen Collection

ハダカホウツキ - Hadakahōzuki - Tubocapsicum anomalum

A double page from a herb-book with probably dozens of volumes. I managed to find a single volume from this edition online, which was uploaded in the NationalDiet Library Digital Database, but due to the lack of colophon I could only find out the date of edition; 27th Year of Meiji Era (1894)

With regards,
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