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Subject:Please read this waka.
Posted By: Ger Wed, Sep 14, 2022 IP:

Please read the waka shown here. If not possible, an impression as to what it is about would be nice. Or maybe the poem is recognized and its content could be linked to or copied here.

Box lid:
御謌所寄人 Member of the Official Court Poets
須川信行 Nobuyuki Sugawa 1839-1917
翁懐紙 Note by an old man
「月前碁」 Go in the moonlight

癸亥ハ月上浣 Year 1863,1912,... August first third.
襄陵簽 ???
山襄之印 seal of Sanjō.

月前碁 Go in the moonlight
御歌所寄人信行 Nobuyuki, of the Official Court Poets.

waka 31 syllables:
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